The Cost of Spam to Society

According to Nucleus Research the cost of spam per employee is $1934.00 per employee.

According to Spamhaus, the United States has the worst spam problem of any country followed by: China Russia Federation Ukraine Japan United Kingdom India Hong Kong Turkey Brazil

Another huge problem with spam is phishing! 3 out of 4 companies on an annual basis fall for a phishing scam.

Some of the top phishing targets are: Apple Accounts Microsoft Capital One LinkedIn Google Adobe Dropbox

To be safe never open spam emails leave it to the professionals at Malware i another huge problem, it costs the average company 2.4 million dollars. The average malware attack last for 50 days.The cost of cyber crime could reach 6 trillion annually by 2021. SpamPrivateEye.Com has recovered money for over 300+ clients, so use our service help stop spam and also make some money.

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