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Updated: Apr 9, 2019

In 2018, Spam was 45% of all email sent, much of it adult related spam, finance related spam, scams and fraud email.

Currently 14.5 billion spams are sent everyday.Think of all the resources that are being wasted to combat this!

The Cost of Spam to Society

According to Nucleus Research the cost of spam per employee is $1934.00 per employee.

According to Spamhaus, the United States has the worst spam problem of any country followed by:

China Russia Federation Ukraine Japan United Kingdom India Hong Kong Turkey Brazil

Another huge problem with spam is phishing! 3 out of 4 companies on an annual basis fall for a phishing scam.

Some of the top phishing targets are:

Apple Accounts Microsoft Capital One LinkedIn Google Adobe Dropbox To be safe never open spam emails leave it to the professionals at

Malware i another huge problem, it costs the average company 2.4 million dollars. The average malware attack last for 50 days.

The cost of cyber crime could reach 6 trillion annually by 2021.

SpamPrivateEye.Com has recovered money for over 300+ clients, so use our service help stop spam and also make some money.

The cost of email spam costs businesses a staggering 20.5 billion dollars every year.

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