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Unclaimed money is often released to the unclaimed property fund of a state or province. Such money may come from a variety of sources and is held as a public service. Funds may sit for years before persons claim them, often because the money's existence is unknown. Money finders are professionals who help people find and collect these funds. Money finders perform searches for clients and earn a fee for their services.

It might surprise you to learn that the state of California is sitting on a pile of cash that belongs to consumers — a big pile of cash — and is having trouble giving it away.

At issue are life-insurance payouts owed to state residents. Under California law, insurers are required to turn over to the state any funds that go unclaimed for three years. But audits of insurers’ books that began in 2008 found that the companies were clinging to billions of dollars that didn’t belong to them.

California joined 40 other states in prying $7.4 billion from more than two dozen life insurers since 2011, with the companies agreeing to pay $5 billion to known beneficiaries and state officials attempting to track down recipients for the remaining $2.4 billion. Unfortunately, getting the word out that there’s a bunch of bucks looking for homes hasn’t been easy. The California controller’s office has identified the rightful heirs for $119 million in unclaimed insurance payouts. But it still has $365 million unaccounted for.

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